Food Photography, Styling & Recipe Development Services:

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Fish.Eye Design is a unique and sophisticated collaboration between two creative minds, chef and photographer. Annie and Natalie specialize in recipe concept & development, comprehensive food styling & design, and editorial product & food photography.

Through the use of natural light whenever possible, paired with technical excellence and meticulous execution, Annie and Natalie have a gift for bringing vibrant life to the ordinary dish through dynamic texture, bold color, and authentic form. With a lifestyle approach and an expert vision for composition, they invite their viewers to taste with their eyes and experience the heart of their craft.

"We believe that every dish has a story. We want to use our vision, passion, and unique perspective to tell yours!"

Based in NJ, FishEye Design accepts clients both locally and from afar. 

Our clients include: Atalanta Corp: Real Greek Feta, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Don Juan cheese, MiFroma Swiss cheese, Dalmatia fig spread. 

Heartisan Bread, Valley Shepherd Creamery, The Pastoral Pig, Sweetwater Baking, Urban Coalhouse, and Inca Tea, to name a few...

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