About Annie & Natalie

Fish.Eye verb /verb/ : 1. when the worlds of food and photography collide.

Welcome to Fish.Eye Design. We're Annie and Natalie. Photographer and Chef.  Stylist and Creator. Creator and Stylist.

We developed Fish.Eye after a long friendship and a shared perspective on life and art. Our unique bond encompasses a passion for creating food, developing recipes and capturing the narratives surrounding it -- and carefully not forgetting to eat it! Food Photography fueled by creativity and tastefully captured. 

Our work is fueled by the role food plays in our lives and the stories that shape what we eat. Our creations are adventurous and bold using color & texture, unique concepts, and distinguished details.

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The Photographer

  • BFA from Baylor University in Theatre Design, 2002
  • International Center for Photography: Studio course completion
  • Over a decade of professional photography experience and clientele
  • Numerous print & web publications
  • Television feature in 2014 & 2016
  • Individual and group photography instructor & mentor

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The Chef

  • Degree in French cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, 2002
  • First level Sommelier Certified
  • 14 years regional fine-dining catering and restaurant experience
  • Personal and private chef certification
  • Recipe development for a variety of  restaurants, publications, and corporations
  • Celebrity clients & professional athletes from NY Giants & Jets

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A Note From Annie:

I love creating! My camera has been an extension of me since I was 12 years old when my dad handed me his old Minolta SLR and a roll of film. That very camera traveled with me many places, being inspired by the beauty of people and places along the way. My life has embodied all forms of art at one time or another - I have explored creativity at it fullest. My creative callings were undeniable from a young age so I pursued a Fine Arts degree at Baylor University. After landing my first job at a photography studio following graduation, my infatuation with photography further developed and I began my career in the art of capturing.

That wasn’t the only love that matured during my college years.  I also began dating my childhood sweetheart, Andrew.  We were later married in our home-state of New Jersey where we now share our lives with our lively, and fun-loving twin boys, Cash and Vaughn. I can’t forget to mention the other members of our household: Baylor, our Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Elliott our Bearded Dragon.

Creativity finds itself in all aspects my life, not just my photography career.  Whether it's singing in church, playing guitar, making my kid’s Halloween costumes, or cooking and enjoying the art of eating, I never stop creating. It truly fuels my soul.

A Note From Natalie:

First off, I love food. All of it and any of it. I get equally excited about eating a street-cart empanada as I do about a Michelin star dinner in NYC. I love all aspects of food down to the smell of fresh basil that overwhelms the room in the summertime. Or the slightly soft, yet firm feel of an avocado when you know it’s perfectly ripe. I love sweet, I love savory, I love exotic -- octopus...tripe...frog legs? Yes, please!

When I’m not eating, or in the kitchen cooking (or day dreaming about it), you can find me spending time with my three other loves: My husband Grant, and two beautiful daughters Ella and Hadley. Together as a family we love to travel, explore new restaurants, take ski trips, go to football games, spend time on the lake in Maine, and entertain our friends and family.

I believe that food is best when shared, and life is at its best when sharing food. I find as much joy in cooking for my clients and private chef families as I do when I cook for my own. I enjoy extending my passion into all aspects of food creativity including photography and prop styling, recipe development, and helping others tell their adventurous stories centered around the cuisine that shapes our lives.

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