Food Photography - Food Styling - Recipe Development

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FishEye is a unique collaboration between two creative minds, chef and photographer. Annie and Natalie specialize in:

Recipe concept & development

Comprehensive food styling & photography

Through the use of beautiful light, paired with technical excellence and meticulous execution, Annie and Natalie have a gift for bringing vibrant life to the ordinary dish through dynamic texture, bold color, and authentic form. With a lifestyle approach and an expert vision for composition, they invite their viewers to taste with their eyes and experience the heart of their craft.

Based in NJ, FishEye accepts clients both locally and from afar, in-person or virtual!

Our clients include:

Skinny Girl, Weber, Dash, Cholula, Eggland's Best, Manischewitz, Dietz & Watson, KaMe, Andrew & Everett, Char Burger, DeMedici, Beemster, D'Artagnan, Fulton Fish Market, Valley Shepherd Creamery, The Pastoral Pig, Urban Coalhouse, Oddlygood, Season Sardines, SouthForty Beef, Real Greek Feta, Don Juan Cheese, MiFroma, Chimay, Bristol Farms, Dalmatia fig spread, Celebrity Goat Cheese, Formaggio Piave, Del Destino, Agribosco Ancient Grains

to name a few...

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